The five reasons to visit Guna Yala region in Panama

If you have ever visited San Blas, you already know that you don’t need any special reason and you should go as soon as you can. But for those, who still doubt if to visit San Blas or not, here is five reasons why you definitely should do that.

1. Actually, 378 islands = 378 reasons

It is said that San Blas area consist of 378 islands, more than one for every day of the year. If you love to discover places, this paradise on earth will give you 378 reasons to visit again.

Each island is unique and you have quite a job ahead of you, if you want to see them all.

many islands in san blas

2. White sand beaches of Guna Yala

white beach panama san blas

If you ever dreamed of those virgin white sand beaches, ideally without large hotel resorts right next to them, this is the place to go!

So far, most of the islands and their beaches are empty or have just a few wooden huts, or cabañas, standing nearby. So the romantic ideal of white sand paradise can become real for you in here. Especially if you come in low season.

3. Snorkeling on coral reefs in your backyard

If you love watching wildlife, and especially fishes, you must love that coral reefs are surrounding many of San Blas islands.

Depending in which islands you stay, you might have a chance to take the snorkeling mask and go watch all the colorful fishes just a few meters from the beach where you were catching the sun.

coral reef fishes in panama

4. A plenty of natural food

fresh food

If you want to provide your body with a healthy break, here you get a chance. Here else would you get freshly caught fish out of ocean for most of your lunches and dinners?

They come in different tastes and sizes and anyone who loves to eat fish will be in paradise. Not to mention option to eat squids, lobsters or crabs if you come during the right season.

5. Place to disconnect

Our favorite reason – FINALLY a place, where you have chance to really get off the grid. Why? Because mobile network providers still didn’t cover majority of islands in here, which means you will be cut off the internet and calls/text for all the length of your stay?

If you are scared by such an proposal, you have just discovered an extra reason why to really give it a go and challenge yourself.

disconnect and chill at san blas islands

Excited to try all this? We will make it happen for you!