Three best islands to visit in San Blas

If you really think you can clearly choose the three best islands, you have no idea how hard it is in San Blas islands. It is like a task to choose the most beautiful out of 378 „twins“. And all of them are beautiful :-)

All of them have coconut palms, white beaches and coral reefs nearby, so how to choose the 3 most beautiful ones? Impossible.

We can rather show you which 3 islands are a good idea to visit.

Isla Pelicano

Isla Pelicano in San Blas islands Panama

The famous island from the Casa de Papel / Money Heist NETFLIX series. It is super small, has a beautiful white sand beach, welcoming green grass to lie down into a shadow and minimum of cabañas. You really feel like a survivor on a deserted islands (unless you come in the high season, sorry) and may enjoy great beach to sunbath, snorkel and make pictures that everyone will envy you.

Isla Demarracho

Isla Demarracho has beautiful combination of green grass and white sand.

Looking like a bigger brother to Pelicano, this island has more of the green to offer with some epic shots to be made with the rope swing, hammocks or cabañas overlooking the beach area.

Isla Naranjochico

Naranjochico in Guna Yala is one of the best islands to stay, since it has all of everything.

This island has just the ideal amount of nature vs comfort ratio. While you might encounter much more cabañas for tourists and locals than in before mentioned islands, it comes with the benefit of proper flushing ceramic toilets, small shops selling beer, Coke or Oreos while still having stunning beach side and coral reef just a few meters from the place you sleep. If the right group of visitors gathers, it is even possible to do a proper beach party with a bonfire till the darkest of night.

Remember, San Blas region of Guna Yala has been long time closed to the outside world and this is why it is so fascinating to discover now. But since the doors opened, the civilization tries to rush in as fast as possible and many things are changing every day. While a few years ago you might have seen many people dressed in traditional outfits, today a big part of them wears the same like you. The sooner you visit San Blas, the bigger chance you will have to capture snapshots of the old ways.

Excited to try all this? We will make it happen for you!